Suspect in Española shooting to be released from jail pending trial

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—One of four co-defendants charged with murder in the 2018 fatal shooting of an Alcalde teenager will be released from the McKinley County jail following a judge’s decision Wednesday. READ MORE

New Mexico State Senators Sure to End Illegal Civil Forfeiture Programs

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—New Mexicans ended civil forfeiture this summer, or so they thought. Despite passing landmark legislation outlawing the use of civil forfeiture statewide, cities across the state are ignoring the law and continue to seize and keep individual’s property without convicting them of a crime. Now, a lawsuit filed today by a bipartisan pair of New Mexico State Senators seeks to shut down the city’s illegal civil forfeiture program once and for all. READ MORE

Injustice for Justice, Senator Lisa Torraco

Senator Lisa Torraco, a Republican representing Bernalillo County, was the initial sponsor for the Forfeiture Reform Law in the State Senate. She worked behind the scenes to secure support for the bill among her colleagues. And, when the bill was first presented on the floor of the Senate, it was presented in association with her name. READ MORE

‘Policing for Profit’ Lawsuit Survives in Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE (CN) — A federal judge refused Albuquerque’s request to dismiss a lawsuit that claims the city “polices for profit” by seizing vehicles for civil offenses.

The civil forfeiture program has been just one aspect of unpopular police actions in Albuquerque. The program drew attention in 2014 through a video of the Santa Fe Vehicle Forfeiture Conference, in which attorneys discussed the profitability of the practice. READ MORE

DA drops charges in 2018 shooting

BY MATTHEW REISEN / JOURNAL STAFF WRITER / Published: Thursday, July 25th, 2019 at 6:55pm

Lisa Torraco is a regular radio commentator on Criminal Justice and crime issues.

Lisa Torrraco in trial in Santa Fe New Mexico

After New Mexico Abolished Civil Forfeiture, Cops Continue to Seize Cars without Charging Owner with a Crime.

Lisa Torraco: Criminal Justice Reform on The Morning Brew

Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto and Senator Lisa Torraco Interview

There Is No Calling Greater Than To Exonerate An Innocent Man

 This Ends Now: Enforcing New Mexico’s Landmark Civil Forfeiture Reform To Shut Down The Albuquerque Forfeiture Machine

This Ends Now: Enforcing New Mexico’s Landmark Civil Forfeiture Reform To Shut Down The Albuquerque…


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